Selected logos and marks from 2014 – 2018
The city of Olesnica – official rebranding
Neobab – real kebab bistro
Elen Gas – natural gas company
APO – football club & academy
True Skull – tattoo studio
eVo (eloVelo) – bicycle accessories
Two Hands – craft brewing co.
Hexa – foto studio
Knacks – esports management
Three Beers – craft beer
Bialy Kruk (en. White Raven) – craft beer
Agrafka (en. safety-pin) – hip-hop festival
Guzior – rapper
Chojka – legal office
Orly Olesnica (en. Eagles) – ice hockey club
eloVelo (retro series) – bicycle accessories
KitVendr – vendor of sport kit
Oskar Zdobylak – photographer
SSE (Street Stance Exclusive) – coverages, videos, events, photoshoots of cars