Project of limited edition digipack of the debut Polish rapper Guzior. The album "Eviltwin" was released by QueQuality label in February 2017. The songs show two faces of the artist in his life experiences. For example, despite the life chaos, he achieved great success. This is how the name of album was created. Eviltwin is a combination of two characters - one arranged, stabilized and the other crazy, fond of enjoying life and experiencing new things, seeing the world at times in a psychedelic way. Based on the background of the album a cover was created to show on the one hand a "normal" face, and on the other hand an incarnation that wants to hinder perfection. The leitmotif of the whole project is to show mystery, dirt and noise. In 2018 "Eviltwin" got a Gold Music Recording Certification.

Whole project of limited edition digipack contain:
- Case
- Three-wings type of digipack
- Stickers
- Poster
- Booklet with lyrics