True Skull is a tattoo studio located in Wroclaw. It consists of three tattoo artists - Mlody Miekki, Fisz and PokaDziabke, characterized by three different styles of tattooing: old school, true school and realistic. Their characteristics inspired the creation of name and sign that combines all these styles with each other. The name of the studio is a phonetic game between True School and True Skull, where it means kind of the lifestyle – the real school of life and the skull.

The aim of creating a visual identity was to design a signet, which will be a timeless sign for the new brand. The design brief for the project were a connection of colours – black, red and white. The logo creates a combination of the letters T and S, which are the main, first letters of the name True Skull. The whole signet is closed in the form of a skull, which also refers to the name.